References Aglaya Apartment Configurator

Design your dream home

The Apartment Configurator enables building fittings to be determined simply and in a fun manner, from the layout to the interiors. A large proportion of the sales process has also been digitised. The Aglaya green skyscraper is the first building in Switzerland in which the Apartment Configurator was used.

The Aglaya success story

Datahouse developed the Apartment Configurator together with ZugEstates. It was used for the very first time on the Aglaya project, a green skyscraper in Risch-Rotkreuz.

Aglaya thus became the first construction project in Switzerland that offered buyers and interested parties an opportunity to configure apartments online.

This allowed ZugEstates to take a major step towards digitisation without losing sight of its customers. Interested parties are guided through the configuration process in a simple and fun way. The time-consuming job of drawing up furnishing alternatives has been digitised and additional transparency created in terms of the price structure.

Apartment Configurator

The Apartment Configurator is an online tool that you can seamlessly integrate into your marketing website. Just like a vehicle configurator, interested parties can put together their own home individually, choosing between different variations for the interiors. Of course, this all remains within the framework of options that you have defined. The finished configuration is saved and can be processed further by the sales organisation (e.g. estate agents).

The Apartment Configurator is offered as a web application including the associated interfaces. The apartment data, configuration options and the associated images are imported into the Apartment Configurator. The completed configuration can be exported to building information modelling (BIM) software via an interface.


The software is adapted to your needs and desires, depending on your construction project and the configuration options for the apartments. The front-end design is defined as a style guide (HTML/CSS specifications) by an external agency and integrated by Datahouse.


Would you like to find out more about the Apartment Configurator? Then visit the product page at ZugEstates isn't alone in trusting this technology. Other well-known construction firms are also using the configurator for small and large projects alike.