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How the Corona virus keeps our Parliament busy

10. June 2020


Together with furrerhugi, we have created an inter­active graphic which locates the parli­a­mentary business on the Corona crisis according to its status in the political process and its political controversy.

Corona-PolitVisualiser Dashboard
Corona-PolitVisualiser Dashboard
Corona-PolitVisualiser Dashboard

Each bubble represents a political business. The higher up a bubble is, the more divided Parliament is. The further right a bubble is, the more advanced the business is in the political process. The size of the bubble reflects the importance of the business.

Successful coope­ration with furrerhugi

The web appli­cation “Polit­Vi­sualiser” was developed by furrerhugi in 2017 and has successfully established itself as a political visua­li­sation tool. Due to the current situation, the “Polit­Vi­sualiser” has been expanded and presents in the version “Corona-Polit­Vi­sualiser” the parli­a­mentary business concerning the Corona crisis. From the very beginning Datahouse has supported furrerhugi with data acqui­sition and prepa­ration as well as in the technical imple­men­tation of the inter­active graphic and the web appli­cation.

Data set

We obtain the basic data via the Parli­a­ment’s open data interface. Via this interface, Parliament publishes the most important data on parli­a­mentary activities in machine-readable form.

The content catego­ri­sation and assessment as well as the summaries and research of the further course is done by furrerhugi.

Inter­active graphic

The inter­active data visua­li­sation enables management bodies such as corporate management and association boards to obtain a quick and focused overview of the current status of relevant topics, thus facili­tating the strategic control of public affairs management.

The core of the appli­cation is an inter­active graphic developed in D3. D3 is a JavaScript library for creating dynamic and inter­active data visua­li­sations, which we use for complex and individual visua­li­sations on the web.

Until further notice, the data will be regularly updated by furrerhugi and made available free of charge. Take a look at https://​corona.polit­vi­

Impart knowledge

Do you want to attract attention and commu­nicate the findings of your data analyses in a simple and under­standable way? We support you in the visua­li­sation of your data.