Welcome to Datahouse - we live data science and software

And yet, people are at the forefront of our philosphy. Are you looking for an innovative employer who values and promotes you? We are looking for exciting talents who will shape the digital world of tomorrow with us. Whether professionals, graduates or apprentices - the gateway to Datahouse is open.

Who we are

Datahouse is one of the leading providers of data & software solutions in Switzerland. We employed a multidisciplinary team from the areas of data analysis, statistics, programming, databases and project management.

With us you work on the future: Your own. On that of our customers, for a sustainable future. To achieve this, we create a working environment that promotes innovation, provide you with the latest technologies and make you part of a team that is as individual as you are.


Our benefits

  • Further education

    Knowdledge transfer through our academy

    Annual training budget incl. training days

  • Community

    A lively community is important to us

    Active promotion through a wide variety of activities & events

  • Health

    We organize team sports, ski weekends and much more

    Fresh fruit and tasty drinks for employees every day

  • Work environment

    Comfortable and first-class designed office environment

    Attractive location in the heart of Zurich

  • Work-Life Flow


    Flexible work hours

    All positions optionally on part-time basis

  • Career opportunities

    Five career levels with a permeable structure

    Exciting & cross-industry projects

What our employees say

  • "For me, Datahouse is an optimal mix of big and small: big enough so that specialists from different areas are on board - and small enough so that you still come into contact with a wide variety of technologies and projects. The personal learning curve is very steep that way." Severin Trösch, Senior Data Scientist
  • "Great working environment and good opportunities to learn." Tiago Silva, Senior Software Engineer
  • "What sets Datahouse apart for me is the friendly interaction within the team, the variety of projects, long-standing client relationships and the opportunity to develop new ideas." Daniel Welter, Manager Products & Sales
  • "The short lines of communication and helpful colleagues make it easy to try new things and find ingenious solutions to exciting problems." Darryl Schumacher, Senior Software Engineer
  • "A structured onboarding despite Corona, many benefits and a top location in the middle of Zurich." Daniel Dammer, Praktikant Marketing & Kommunikation
  • "I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the willingness to help each other. In addition, it motivates me to work with the latest technologies and to take on a variety of tasks." Thomas Maier, Senior Expert Data Scientist
  • "Datahouse has people with a great sense of team spirit, which makes for an amazing working environment." André Matias, Software Engineer

Application procedure

As a career starter with an apprenticeship, as an intern after graduation or as a specialist with practical experience: We are looking for talented people who want to develop in a digital working environment.

Step 1
Online application
We look forward to receiving your online application. To do so, click on the e-mail link next to the corresponding job advertisement. After receiving your application you will receive a confirmation. We are happy to receive unsolicited applications by email.
Step 2
Application review
The people involved will check your documents. You will promptly receive initial feedback, questions about your dossier or, if necessary, an invitation to an introductory interview.
Step 3
Initial interview
In an initial meeting, we get to know each other. Normally, the discussions take place physically at our premises at in Zurich. Under certain circumstances, the interviews can also take place via video call.
Step 4
Second interview / in-depth interview
In a personal second or in-depth interview, you will get to know other team members within your area. We will also discuss contract details and employment conditions and clarify any final questions.
Step 5
Welcome to our team!
We have reached an agreement and the employment contract is signed. Welcome to the Datahouse team! Nothing stands in the way of your career. In the first few days, you will receive an introduction to the areas and tools that are relevant to you.

Your contact person

Nha Nguyen Itschner

Nha Nguyen Itschner

  • Senior HR specialist, Deputy Head of HR
  • +41 44 289 91 44
  • E-Mail

Our open positions

  • Unsolicited applications

    Haven't found a job opening that suits you? Don't let that stop you. Send us an unsolicited application, convince us of your competence and become a part of Datahouse. Please send us your complete dossier by e-mail to Ms. Nha Nguyen Itschner.


Send us the solution together with your application and a short description (source files with a PDF as a zip archive).

There are no restrictions in terms of the tools or libraries that you may use. However, your own work must be clearly identifiable.

The work involved in solving the tasks will not be remunerated. However, the rights to the results will remain with the applicant.

  • Datenerhebung 2

    Nearest stop

    As efficiently as possible, find the nearest stop for a given geo coordinate.

    The necessary information must be read out of the file, which has the following structure:

    • Line 1 (given geo coordinate): "X" "Y" (both integers)
    • Line 2: Number of stops: "N" (an integer in the range 1-10000000)
    • Line 3 - N+2 (coordinates for the stops): "X" "Y" (both integers)

    The coordinates of the nearest stop must be written into the file haltestelle.out.

    Sample input (

    590 230
    595 200
    400 260

    Sample output (haltestelle.out)

    595 200
  • Game logic

    Implement the logic of the game Nine Men’s Morris so that two players can play against one another while following the rules.

    A GUI is not obligatory. A simple AI player can also be added by way of extension.

  • Single page website

    Use HTML/CSS/JavaScript to create a single-page website in which you describe your CV and/or hobbies.

    The focus must be on clear presentation using modern web technologies and compliance with the relevant standards. Your website can optionally also be made compatible with a mobile browser.

  • Event matching

    Two different live tickers are displaying the score in an ice hockey game. Both sources are incorrect (i.e. goals are missing or the times are imprecise, although you can assume that they are not showing too many goals) and the data should be augmented in order to obtain the best possible data quality.

    The necessary information must be read out of the file, which has the following structure:

    • Line 1 (number of reported goals): “Goals source 1 (N)” “Goals source 2 (M) (both integers in the range 1-100)
    • Line 2 - N+1 (individual goals, source 1): “Team” “Time” (the team is either “H” for home team or “G” for the guests, the time is given as a decimal figure in seconds)
    • Line N+2 - N+M+1 (individual goals, source 2): “Team” “Time” (details as above)

    The output should write to the file events.out the actual number of goals scored (the number in the first line) in the right order, with the team and the time at which they were scored.

    Sample input (

    3 2
    G 32.1
    G 100.5
    H 60.4
    G 35.3
    H 65.4

    Sample output (events.out)

    G 33.7
    H 62.9
    G 100.5
  • Board game in browser

    Implement a GUI for the board game Nine Men’s Morris directly in a browser using HTML/CSS/JavaScript so that two players can play against each other.

    A check of whether the rules are being followed is not obligatory. However, you should consider how communication with the server side should be integrated.