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Webcrawling Dashboard

Inter­active dashboard for analysis of crawling results

16 Apr 24

SENS wants to track the reuse of electrical appliances in Switz­erland in order to implement potential measures and decisions based on data. Just a few weeks after the kick-off, SENS was able to examine the first data sets on a customized analysis dashboard.

Customer need

SENS promotes the sustainable recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. In addition to recycling, the reuse of equipment is also of interest to SENS. In order to promote circular economy measures in a targeted manner and thus conserve valuable resources, our customer requires infor­mation on products as well as on regional and seasonal volume trends on the secondary market. SENS would therefore like to identify and analyze infor­mation on the reuse of electrical and electronic equipment.

Project procedure

For this project, we chose an iterative approach in order to be able to react as flexibly as possible to new findings. We developed the corre­sponding functio­nality in relatively short iterations, which was then presented and discussed at a review meeting. Based on the insights gained, the planning for the next iteration was created in each case.

At the kickoff meeting, we reviewed possible data sources with SENS. Based on their needs and technical feasi­bility, we selected a suitable trading platform as the primary source. In a first iteration, we developed the webcrawler within two weeks to retrieve the relevant data regularly and store it processed in a suitable database. In the subsequent review meeting, we discussed the data quality and data prepa­ration with SENS. We also outlined various options for the dashboard based on the analysis needs.

SENS plans to conduct explo­ratory data analyses. For this, we chose a flexible and inter­active approach for the dashboard so that emerging issues could be easily explored. During the next iteration, we developed the dashboard within three weeks in an ongoing exchange with SENS, who already received test access to follow the development. In the subsequent review meeting, we discussed and prioritized final optimization approaches. In a final development iteration, the web crawler and the dashboard were finalized within a few weeks.

„Datahouse perfectly met my needs, kept me informed about the development status and always took my wishes seriously.“

Pasqual Zopp, Stv. Geschäftsführer, Manager Back Office

End produkt

SENS has exclusive access to a customized analysis dashboard. On this, SENS can analyze all collected data and export it as desired. Datahouse ensures the operation of the dashboard and the web crawler in the background and conti­nuously monitors the data quality from the automated regular queries.

Techno­logies used

The dashboard was developed using the R Shiny framework. For webcrawling we used Python Scrapy and our proven special infra­structure for coordi­nation and monitoring. All data is stored in a MongoDB database.


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