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Superset – The Open Source BI Dashboard Platform

09 Mar 22

Finally, there is an equivalent open source alternative to proprietary business intelligence solutions: Apache Superset. Create impressive dashboards with just a few clicks and share them with your team or the public.

Business Intelligence

You want to monitor key business metrics or analyze your data and share insightful visualizations and dashboards with your team? To do that, you need a powerful business intelligence (BI) platform. Perhaps you’ve already been contacted by Microsoft’s sales team recommending PowerBI. Or you’ve discovered dashboard solutions from BI specialists like Tableau or Qlik. But do you fear high licensing costs as well as dependencies due to lock-ins (Tableau was acquired by Salesforce in 2019)? Then it’s time you get to know Superset.

Apache Superset

Superset is the leading open source alternative to proprietary BI solutions. Originally developed by Airbnb, Superset was subsequently released as an open source project and accepted into the Apache Incubator program. Meanwhile, Apache Superset has established itself as a powerful BI tool, securing $48.4 million USD for further development in 2021 under the name Preset.
Let the following description convince you or test Superset yourself right now with our demo instance. Superset is a pure web application and can therefore be used with all modern browsers.

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Interactive dashboards

Impressive interactive and intuitive dashboards form the core of Superset. You design them with freely configurable dynamic and static elements. Choose from a variety of graphics, maps, tables or texts. Among them you will find familiar graphics such as time series, column or pie charts as well as complex display variants such as 3D maps, graphs, box plots, event flows, Sankey flow charts or sunburst charts.

Extensive filtering options

You can define extensive filtering options for the dashboards. With the filter manager, you configure the filter type, possible values and filter behavior for each available variable. Even complex hierarchical dependencies between variables are easily configurable. In addition, the scope of each filter can be specified in detail. This provides the dashboard visitor with intuitive and comprehensive options to customize the data display according to his preferences in order to identify any patterns in the data.

Advanced analytics

Superset supports advanced analytics to perform calculations on charts within data series. Add rolling calculations such as moving averages or cumulative sums over specific time periods, or compare data series to themselves using various time offsets and comparison functions. For advanced users, direct use of SQL to manipulate data series is also possible.

Abbildung 1: Venn-Diagramm der k√ľnstlichen Intelligenz

Leverage existing data infrastructure

Superset was designed from the start for the largest data volumes and use in cloud environments. You don’t need to migrate your data, you can directly connect your existing data infrastructure. Superset can communicate with almost any SQL-based database technology. Of course, you can connect any number of data sources at the same time or directly import additional data as needed.

Share and publish

Dashboards including configured filter settings can be shared at any time. Via a dedicated URL, the selected view is directly accessible with any web browser. You can also create and share a direct link to a particularly important graph. Of course, as a team you can also work together on a dashboard.
When publishing a dashboard, you can customize its design in detail, e.g. to align it with your CD/CI.

Detailed permission management

You may want to publish your dashboards to the public or share them only within your company. Particularly sensitive data may even be restricted to just a few authorized users. Each of these scenarios can be easily implemented with Superset. Extensive user and role management ensures correct access and editing rights for all datasets, visualizations and dashboards.

Superset by Datahouse

Superset is a comprehensive BI dashboard platform. Thanks to its open source strategy, there are no licensing costs and no lock-in risk for your data and analytics processes. Create impressive dashboards with a few clicks and share them within your company or publish them to the public.
We are happy to advise you on how to setup Superset or take care of this for you. Furthermore, we are happy to support you in the configuration of charts and dashboards or more generally in the optimization of your data processes. Contact us for an initial consultation.