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The most important issues on a single inter­active graphic, plotted by progress and the need for action

17 Apr 24

Data visua­li­sation provides a better overview and highlights connections. Filter functions enable managers to get a faster and more focused overview of the status quo of the relevant issues. The app thus assists managerial bodies like the boards of companies or associations in steering their public affairs management strate­gically.

Datastats: inter­active visua­li­sation

Our team accom­panies you along the entire journey, from the initial idea to the final inter­active evaluation.

We support you in collecting data and/​or extracting infor­mation from existing third-party appli­cations via an interface, advise you on statistical issues and provide tips for optimal visua­li­sation.

Thanks to our broad-based know-how in business intel­ligence, you can benefit from the experience we have gained from similar projects and analyses.

„Thanks to Datahouse’s agility, we were able to develop the PolitVisualiser in a very short time and thus turn traditional issue reports into a modern, interactive graphic. Datahouse has always found innovative solutions to our demands and developed the web application further step-by-step in line with the additional requirements that have arisen.“

Andreas Hugi, CEO furrerhugi. ag

Data collection

Wherever possible, data is collected in an automated manner. This ensures that freely available online data is obtained quickly and simply and can be updated at any time where necessary. The raw data from the various online sources, your own data and data from our datasets is stored in an appro­priate database and prepared for further processing.

Prepa­ration & visua­li­sation

Before the collected data can be analysed, it must be prepared and cleansed. Duplicates are removed, while incomplete datasets are supple­mented manually. This ensures that the data is plausible and repre­sen­tative and produces a cleansed dataset that can then be used for statistical analysis and visua­li­sation. Where necessary, additional aids, such as map material from swisstopo, are used for the visua­li­sation.

Inter­active analysis

Content is viewed and repre­sented thema­tically differently depending on your needs and requi­rements. As part of this, a range of visua­li­sations and statistical models is employed to add context and make the data more expressive. Inter­active analysis can be used for analysing markets, making predictions and deter­mining trends and is an appro­priate tool for repre­senting a variety of scenarios clearly.

Key features

  • Automated data collection in line with your needs
  • Enrichment with additional data
  • Data cleansing and preparation
  • Interactive analysis
  • Statistical analysis with a variety of models
  • Analyses, predictions and scenarios
  • Print-ready reports with modern graphics
  • Exporting of filtered datasets


  • The collection, preparation and enrichment of your data
  • A concept for interactively evaluating various dimensions
  • Versatile graphical types as desired and optimised for your specific application (histogram, scatter plot, box plot, line chart, geographic maps, etc.)
  • Operation as an extranet solution


  • Export function for filtered datasets, choice of formats
  • Automated statistical comparisons of filtered subgroups
  • Connection to the third-party application via a defined interface
  • Connection to other Datahouse products, for example to an interactive graphical analysis of your survey findings
  • Conversion of evaluations into PDF format for integration into presentations

Proof of concept

Would you like to visualise data inter­ac­tively, but are unsure whether our product meets your requi­rements? Then contact us for a non-binding discussion of your idea.