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Innovative & individual software solutions for your company

Do you need a solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of your company and goes beyond the requirements of standardized industry solutions? We have many years of experience in quickly familiarizing ourselves with topics and processes on behalf of our customers. From numerous projects, we bring cross-industry expertise to efficiently analyze and understand problems.


Software development

We offer an all-round service package and develop customised software solutions and web appli­cations. We operate them in a stable and low-maintenance environment and guarantee support.

Software Digitalisierung und Innovation

Digitalization & Innovation

We develop modern and individual concepts in dialogue with you, to digitalise processes and make data accessible in the best way possible. Thanks to inter­di­sci­plinary colla­bo­ration and agility, innovations emerge that create added value.

Advantages of custom made software from Datahouse

Competitive advantages

Because custom software is tailored to your company’s needs, it can incorporate all kinds of unique features that other players in your industry lack.

Full control

A decisive advantage of developing custom software is that the ownership rights of the source code remains with you. Even if the software is subsequently extended, you have full control.


Standard software is often limited in terms of customization and scalability. With custom software development, your solution can grow and change with your business, not the other way around.

Technological independence

We do not sell or promote specific technologies, so we can focus independently on the best solution for our customers.

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