Merging statistics and software

We support you with the initial demand analysis, advise on statistics and data issues and implement the application from a technical perspective. We also take on the operation of and support for the application.

This successful collaboration produces creative and innovative web solutions that satisfy your requirements. In this process, easily understandable procedures (i.e. the user experience) are just as important as a clear user interface.

Our core competencies

  • Datenerhebung 2

    Data collection

    Together we define what data is relevant for you and how we should collect it. We use online surveys to gather qualitative data and automated crawling of an online source to obtain quantitative data.

    Open data and/or your own datasets can also be included and aggregated. We store the data in an appropriate database. No matter what collection method is right for you, we offer the appropriate infrastructure.

  • Data processing

    Data processing is a precursor of data analysis. We process and refine the gathered data in a series of steps. Together with you, our data specialists determine the most appropriate method.

    Depending on your particular case, we use either PostgreSQL, MySQL or MongoDB as the database system. The data model is tailored to your needs and must provide a high level of security and performance.

  • Data analysis

    The aim of analysis is to use statistical methods to gain practical information from the collected data.

    Through our work for a wide variety of customers, we encountered early on what are now trendy issues, like big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

    This experience helps us to develop sound models and create genuine benefits in the current digital transformation era.

    Our team is committed to supporting you and your analytical project. For our work, we use R, one of the most important and widespread analytical tools for data analysis and statistics.

    You can find out more about machine learning and artificial intelligence in our blog post entitled «Machine Learning as a Web Applikation».

  • Data visualisation

    “A picture is worth a thousand words” This expression has never been more relevant than now. For the choice of the right graphics is just as important as the information that the presented data conveys.

    For example, did you know that pie charts with more than two variables are confusing for the human eye?

    Here too you can benefit from the extensive know-how we have gathered from many different projects. After all, when dealing with huge volumes of data, interactive graphics not only play an important role in communicating your findings. They can also be entertaining.