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Tardiness is not a question of time

Truckwatch is the central platform for the planning and monitoring of express scheduled services in the transport industry. Via the web application, all parties receive an overview of the status of a trip and are informed about delays.

Truckwatch Dashboard

Every 60 seconds the location of the vehicles is determined and the estimated time of arrival at the destination is calculated (ETA). This enables dispatchers, recipients, shippers and carriers to keep an eye on the punctuality of all shipments. A web application was developed for this purpose, which obtains and processes the GPS and route data of the installed telematics system via an interface.

An intelligent alert system informs involved persons about six different event types, such as arrival, delays or departure of a vehicle via SMS or e-mail.

Truckwatch Disposition

Not only the monitoring of the tours, but also the planning and dispatching is done with Truckwatch. Individually created tour templates greatly simplify the coordination of trips. Subcontractors and customers are integrated into the process, creating transparency and saving valuable time.

The disposition tool can optionally be extended with an optimization algorithm. This reduces empty runs, cuts transport costs and optimizes process chains.

Truckwatch Analytics

The retrospective is displayed via an analysis module. Performance measurements for individual routes (positioning, departure and arrival) are possible as well as evaluations of drivers, subcontractors and customers.

The historical data also flows into the optimization model for future forecasts.

Modular further development

Further process steps, such as trip invoicing, are being developed on an ongoing basis. All modules and developments are based on a product approach, so that in the future a sublicensing of the software can be considered.