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Boosting innovation
using data & software

Statistics and software competence from a single source

Data Science and Software Expertise for Your Success

Creating added value is our top priority. We support you through every stage of the data process and help you find the optimal solution. Our team advises you on the initial demand analysis and provides support with statistics and data issues. We develop creative and innovative software that generates genuine added value.
Data collection
Data processing
Data anaylsis
Data visualisation


We combine two core compe­tencies into a unique one-stop service. We analyze your complex data and create a basis for decision-making.

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Price comparison supplementary health insurance

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Data Science Diverse Success-Stories

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Data Science Diverse Success-Stories

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Datahouse Academy

We support you in developing your Data Science know-how. Attend our specialized course “Data Science for Business” and get a one-day introduction to business-relevant Data Science concepts.