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10. September 2020

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Track the absorption of new construction projects

RealScope zooms daily on the largest new construction projects, stores their data in a standardized format and offers an inter­active analysis dashboard.

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Hundreds of new construction project websites list available residential properties with sizes and prices, including their current rental or sale status. Although this infor­mation would be valuable for the planning and marketing of similar projects, the data is not yet available in an aggregated and histo­ricized form.

View current and past residential sales rates through the microscope and analyse their dependence on price and supply structure.

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Track the absorption of the residential units. Analyze how quickly the various housing units are rented or sold.

Added value and concrete benefits for customers

RealScope’s analysis options show investors, project managers and other decision-makers which residential properties are parti­cularly sought-after depending on the region and depending on the price and supply structure, and which sales rates are feasible. With RealScope you have the hotspots in focus.

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Analyze the price structure. Besides avail­a­bility, RealScope also processes price and size infor­mation. Draw conclusions about the observed absorption rates from the price structure.

Which procedure or process is now digital?

Datahouse RealScope automa­tically checks the current rental or sales status of all major Swiss residential projects, stores the infor­mation in a uniform data format and calculates aggregated comparison metrics. RealScope enables the user to perform individual, inter­active analyses of hetero­geneous data sources, which previously had to be compiled manually.


Would you like to learn more about Datahouse RealScope? Then don’t hesitate to contact Daniel Welter.