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Survey software

11. October 2018

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A web-based questi­onnaire with fully-automated reporting and numerous evaluation options

Health Promotion Switz­erland uses indivi­dually developed survey, analysis and evaluation software from Datahouse for its surveys.

Befragungssoftware, Dashboard, Job-Stress-Analysis

Langjährige Zusammenarbeit

Ein Projekt, welches in der langjährigen Zusam­men­arbeit zwischen der Gesund­heits­för­derung Schweiz und Datahouse entstanden ist, heisst «Friendly Work Space Job-Stress-Analysis».

FWS Job-Stress-Analysis ist ein Online-Befra­gungs­in­strument. Es erfasst Stressoren, Ressourcen und Befinden (physisches Befinden, psychische Gesundheit sowie Zufrie­denheit und Einstellung zur Arbeit). Das Tool ist wissen­schaftlich validiert und praxis­erprobt. Bereits zehntausende Benut­ze­rinnen und Benutzer haben es in den letzten Jahren angewendet.

Die Appli­kation erhielt ein komplett überar­beitetes User-Interface, welches auf mobilen Geräten genauso gut benutzt werden kann wie am Computer. Die Umsetzung des User-Interfaces sowie das Design System erfolgte in enger Zusam­men­arbeit mit der Duotones GmbH

“One of the main reasons for the collaboration between HPS and Datahouse is that we support each other and communicate openly and correctly. We also understand one another when problems arise. The second aspect is that the cost-benefit ratio is right when compared to competing offers.”

René Marcello Rippstein, Member of the Executive Board und Head of Services and Communication, Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz

Various modules and options

The appli­cation consists of various modules and options and provides plenty of scope for custo­mi­sation for both Health Promotion Switz­erland and the organi­sations being surveyed.

Individual analysis

Employees receive their individual results shortly after they have completed the questi­onnaire. This data is strictly confi­dential and only accessible to the actual respondent.

If results fall within the critical range, employees receive profes­sional tips on handling stress as well as valuable input on a healthy work-life balance.

Follow-up surveys enable employees to track their personal development.


Surveyed companies receive bench­marking for their own organi­sation. Graphical repre­sen­tations of percentages clearly show where the workforce stands in comparison to employees in other organi­sations. All answers are compared to a constantly updated benchmark that reflects the current situation in Switz­erland.


Want to find out more? Then visit the Friendly Work Space Job Stress Analysis website.